About me

Hi, I'm Simón Bores, welcome to my blog. Thanks for reading.

I am a serial search fund investor. I back young talented entrepreneurs and help them find, acquire and become CEOs of small growing businesses. Together with my partner Ignacio I co-founded Istria Capital, the first European fund of search funds. I love what I do.

I live in Madrid. Aside from my search fund activity, I am a lawyer, private investor and second-generation family business owner, having experienced first-hand the challenges of founder succession in a small family business. I am a husband, a father of three incredible girls, and an enthusiastic soccer and (occasional) guitar player. 

I am passionate about entrepreneurship, value investing, decision-making and storytelling. In order to improve my thinking, it helps me to think out loud and put ideas in writing. That’s why I started this blog. I also enjoy connecting with other like-minded investors and entrepreneurs, sharing ideas, being challenged and learning from others, so I hope that the comments section becomes an important piece of this blog.